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I know this is an odd title for a book review section post. However, when customer service of a favorite bookstore is so great, you would be willing to buy from them forever! Good customer service teaches me to be a faithful customer.

I bought my first Nook e-reader several years ago. It was one of the early versions – a Paperwhite screen and a touch screen strip on the bottom. About a year later, I was given the Nook HD as a gift. I loaded books upon books on it and began reading.


Sadly 2 years later, I noticed my Nook was not holding a charge for very long. It got to the point it would hold the charge for about 15 minutes and I would have to plug it back in. I began sitting where I could read and keep it plugged in. A couple weeks, after this I notice a bulge beginning on the back of the Nook. I can’t figure out what is going on. I even decided to research how to change the battery (since it wasn’t holding a charge the battery had to be shot). 

As I am trying to figure out, if and how, to get the Nook apart, I decided to also email Barnes and Noble with the issue about the Nook. Meanwhile, the Nook is continuing to expand and, as you can see, break the casing. In all honesty, I did not get the answer I expected. I expected to be told there was nothing they could do and that I would just have to purchase a new one. I knew the warranty had to be up and because it was a gift, I had no proof of purchase.

However, Barnes and Noble responded to my email within 24 hours and asked me to call their tech support number. So I did. I explained my issue to the customer service representative and she put me on hold for a minute. When she came back on she was asking for my address and information so they could send me another Nook HD. I only had to send them my broken Nook. Of course, I agreed. I also asked what might have caused the issue. I was told that not using it for an extended period of time could cause the battery to swell. I told the representative that was not the case. I used the Nook daily, if not daily multiple times a week. They were going to investigate and try to determine a cause when they received my Nook in return.

I got my new Nook HD about a week later. I was extremely surprised that I and received a brand new, never out of the original shrink wrap. I had figured I would be sent a refurbished one. This particular Nook is now about 2-3 years old and is still going strong. It even has 400+ books on it. Several of those I continue to read over and over.


Good, fair customer service that goes above and beyond will always have my loyalty – even in future purchases, for as long as that particular business lasts. Thank you, Barnes and Noble.

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