Lightbulb Moments

I am sitting in my classroom at a U-shaped table with a group of students. They have paper and pencil, or whiteboard and Expos in front of them. Looks of frustration and consternation on their faces. They are working hard.


They get the problem wrong and those faces become even more frustrated. I explain “Dead Monkeys Smell Bad” or “Does McDonald’s Sell Burgers” to them again and we walk through another example of long division. We talk about each step. I give them some wrong examples to see if they can catch them. I have them explain how to do complete the problem correctly.


Then I give them another problem. All of a sudden, I see light bulbs go off over their heads. Not literally of course, but that would be cool!

There is nothing more satisfying to see the excitement on a child’s face when they truly learn a skill they were had been struggling with. My students often struggle with a concept and I have learned it takes nothing but patience, reteaching and more practice to help them.


I love how their faces light up when they get it. Their eyes twinkle. They get a great big smile. They will even call out “Mrs. Norford, I GOT IT!” The kids are even more willing to try more challenging work after that.


The sense of pride in what they learned can never be diminished. Most definitely, nothing like a Lightbulb Moment!

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