Nerdy Geek or Geeky Nerd

      Either title works for me. I love technology and I love bringing it to my students. I call myself a “Nerdy geek” or a “Geeky nerd” because I enjoy techie stuff. I will use it with my students on a regular basis. I am not afraid to try anything new with technology.

       The two words themselves both have meanings that have to do with a socially inept person or one who is also technologically savvy. I don’t see myself as socially inept but I am good at figuring out new technology. I love playing with something new and figuring out how it works.

       In the classroom, I use it in a variety of ways. I have my students using tablets, whether to program Dash and Dot or to work on new skills, laptops for many tasks. We even use “clickers” to input answers to questions and formative assessments.

     I love using new software with my students. They even enjoy when I come back from a training and can share a new way to learn with them. Besides they seem to focus better.


Frustrating but fun! That is what technology is. Trying something new is always fun. Frustrating when it doesn’t work like it was supposed to — even when it worked 10 minutes ago. It is also frustrating when its expense is out of your reach.

    The more I can do with technology, the happier I am. If it is something new to try I want to be among the first to use it. Geeky Nerd or Nerdy Geek – It really doesn’t matter – to me they are one and the same.


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