That Faithful Friend

About one month ago, our wonderful, faithful, furry friend crossed the rainbow bridge. Buttercup was a member of the family. She was a furbaby – much more than just any old dog. She would have been 12 on August 1.

Buttercup was a golden retriever. She was named by my daughter, who was 6 at the time and very much into the Power Puff Girls. Buttercup was the name that fit our new puppy, although her personality was not like that of the cartoon character.

We brought her home at 7 weeks old. We wanted a dog that was going to be a good family dog. She was that and more. Buttercup was quite the protector – especially for a breed that is not known for its protectiveness. She was always with us.


Buttercup caused her fair share of trouble, including giving my daughter the legitimate excuse for “My dog ate my homework.” I even put the homework (which had been completed before it was shredded) into a Ziploc bag and sent it with my daughter and a note.

She would get garbage, socks, washcloths, or anything she could and then play “Keep Away” if she wasn’t getting the attention she thought she needed. Buttercup loved rides in the car. She loved being with us and going where ever we went. Buttercup loved to walk until her knees gave out on her. She could be quite silly at times, like in the photo, getting caught in a yawn.

My son always hated getting up in the mornings. He didn’t mind it so much after we got Buttercup. She would just jump on the bed and lick him on the face. In her later years, she didn’t jump on the bed anymore, but would go in and get right next to him and his face and snort and snuffle in his face to wake him up. Her tail would wag the entire time.

She was a cuddle bug. She loved to lay on the couch with me, her head on my lap or shoving her head under my hand to be petted. There is nothing more comforting than a dog that wants to be with you. She was always most content when one of us was right beside her.

There is a hole in our lives now. We miss her dearly and still think we hear her in the house, or we look for her. At night we even dream of her. There will be other animals, dogs or cats, in our lives eventually, but for now and forever, Buttercup holds a special place in our hearts.

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