Open House for a New School Year

Wow! What a great turn out! Teachers are often nervous and excited at the start of a new year and I am no exception. I am nervous and excited when meeting my new group of students at the beginning of the year. Possibly even more so this year because I am co-teaching in 3 different classrooms, and have an office in which I will be able to work with small groups of students.

      The students and their parents came in on Friday. It was our Open House for the 2017-2018 school year. I floated between the three classes I am working with and talked to many of the students and their parents. It was interesting to see the students different reactions. There were a few who would barely say a word to me. They would look away and sometimes would barely even come into the classroom. Others would come in and were quiet but they were definitely watching everything and everyone. They would answer their parents’ questions or our questions if they were prompted by their parent. The final group of kids would come in and would be practically bouncing off the walls they were so excited. They would be all over the place. They might stop in to see other teachers they had had in the past. They would be asking questions and sharing what they had done over the summer. If they knew you, then they might run up and give you a hug. The students were sizing up their teachers. They are trying to figure you out a bit before classes start. They want to know if you are nice, or strict. Are you going to be fun?

As a teacher, I often have some of the same emotions as the students. I am often nervous. I never know what the kids are going to be like, entirely. I never know what the parents are going to be like either. I always give my students a clean slate to start the new year. They might have had a really bad year the previous year. I may not have heard positive things about every student. I am also excited to see my students. I am especially excited if I know you from other grade levels. I have been fortunate to have taught second grade for a couple years and this year I have some of those same students again. I love seeing how much they have grown and learned. I love that they come running up to me and will still give me a hug and say hello.  I always try and tease them a bit too. I kept asking them if they were ready for me to “torture” them this year. As they left, I wished them a wonderful last weekend of summer.

Every year brings its challenges, and this year may be no different. However, after this year’s open house I am excited and looking forward to having a fun year with all of my students. I know my students will come in and will settle in and be ready to learn happily in our rooms. Happy School Year 2017-2018.

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