‘Twas the Night Before

‘Twas the night before the first day of school. The school was all quiet and still, even the bugs and pests were all nestled in their nests in preparation for the new school year.

The children were all home in their beds. They are sound asleep and dreaming of fun and new friends danced in their heads. The environmental specialists (new word for custodians) were chill-axing at home. They all knew the school and classrooms were spiffed up and shining.

Meanwhile, the teachers lay there in their beds, with too many thoughts going through their heads. They toss and they turn with nothing but worry and dread. Then, just before the crack of dawn, they hear a noise and spring out of bed. They rush to the window to see what was the clatter, but to no avail. They see the very faint light of the moon in the sky.

The teachers then decided to forget to try to sleep anymore this night. So, up and to the shower, they go and put on the outfit laid out the night before. They swing through a Dunkin’ Donuts for the large coffee they will need and meet the environmental specialist at the gate with relief on their faces.

The teachers walk to their rooms, open the doors, and stop just inside to look around. Much to their surprise, their rooms are all ready, all desks have their books, the bulletin boards look great, and everything is in its place.

Now nothing is left, but the wait, as the teachers stand at the door and say “Welcome back! Have a great first day!!”

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