Summers Off?

For some reason, some seem to think teachers take the summers off. I suppose some do, but not me. No WAY! I do quite a bit during the summer.

Professional Development and Training

I often sign up for training or professional development classes. Many times those classes will spark some new ideas. I just have to go plan them out. Once they are planned out I will research more to get them up and running. A lot of the time I am googling.

Teachers love to get together. Even if we are planning, we turn it into a fun time. We eat and socialize and talk about things besides school.  As teachers, we talk about the upcoming year. We, sometimes, create posters to use in our rooms. The posters, called anchor charts, give the kids a visual for a key concept. Those key concepts could be something from the past, or something they are currently learning. We will also lesson plan, but fun is the main reason we get together. We always want to find new tricks to excite our learners.

Summer School

Some summers, like this summer, I will teach summer school for special needs students. It isn’t all day, just 4 hours a day – 4 days a week for the students. It lasted only a month and was just enough so the students wouldn’t forget and it kept them in a routine.

I, then, had basically 3 weeks off. But not really. I took a week to relax and spend the time reading or coloring. Then I had more training to attend. I also started thinking about how I was going to arrange my little room.

Class Organization

With less than a week before we officially go back to school, I organized my space. I started thinking about my students and what their needs might be. Always I try to plan out in my head more than I can possibly put into place in my room, but I like to change things up too.

I am looking forward to my changes for this year. Most teachers love working with my students in small groups and being able to focus on their specific needs. I hope to see great learning gains in them this year.

I often do a lot of school-related things during the summer and still feel as if I don’t get much done. At least I am ready to excite the learners coming into my classroom for this year.

But either way, the beginning of school is here: Happy End of Summer and Happy New School Year!

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