Adventures in Technology

Early Days

I am one of the lucky ones. As a child, I grew up with neighbors who owned some of the early personal computers. I learned how to put in a 5 ½” floppy disc. Along with learning how to list the directory and to load, run, and save programs. I was 10.

In high school, I was able to learn to program on an Apple IIe using Basic. This is where I developed my original love and interest in programming when I began college, I began as a Computer Science Major learning C and programming straight into a terminal. I struggled with the math side of things and eventually changed my major.

My part-time job, however, broadened my love of technology. My boss gave me many opportunities that I might not have had otherwise. Because of my boss’ husband, I was able to begin playing with the internet as part of my job. It was just as it was becoming more readily available. Because of this, I was already familiar with listservs and pop-mail accounts.

I love taking a new software and having time to sit and play with it. Often, I will learn something about it that the others, who are more familiar with it, didn’t know. For example, when Windows originally came out in the mid 1980s, and my college brought it to the campus in the early 1990s, I was ready. I had been working with Macintosh for a while and realized pretty quickly that Windows was not that different. To this day, I can still switch back and forth between two similar types of software with ease.



As a teacher, I love to hear and play with different software and figure out how it can best help my students learn and grow. I will often bring something I just learned about into my classroom and show it to y students and let them begin using and playing with it to see what we can do.

 As an individual, I have rediscovered my love of programming and learning to build software. Many of my future blogs will be about the different types of software I and my students experiment with and learn about, whether it is for the classroom, or for me, personally.

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