Month: September 2017

My Role as a Parent

    As a child, I was raised by non-practicing Catholic parents. I did attend vacation Bible Schools of denominations occasionally. I remembered the stories I heard there. We did not have many discussions about the Bible as I was growing up. I was never allowed to attend services with friends. I was raised knowing

Hidden Figures

Last January, my daughter and I went to see the movie “Hidden Figures.” I have always loved everything space, and have followed NASA and the space program since I was a teenager. We absolutely enjoyed the movie and the positives it shared about women and their roles in the space program in the early and

Learning Karate

Six years ago my daughter began taking karate. We wanted her to be able to defend herself in the world. Within her first year, the dojo (karate school) was taken over by Lee Burgess, who then grew the school into what is, today, Burgess Modern Day Warriors  My daughter was a very quiet and shy individual,

Teaching Technology

Not just a teacher in school. I am one out of school as well. Two years ago my husband and I were looking for new cell phones. His phone had died and we needed them. So I am debating whether or not to get the new iPhone that had come out or to get the


       As a teacher, I fell in love with  With our technological society, it is going to be important that kids know who to manipulate and create programs for the computer. has created several levels of the curriculum. Course 1 is for Kindergarten or First grade. Course 2

Hurricane Preparation – Irma

Here in Florida, hurricanes can be a big deal. Take Irma. She is a Category 4-5 hurricane expected to hit our beautiful state tomorrow through Monday. Living in Florida means we have to be prepared between June and December for the possibility of a hurricane. People panic over a small Category 1 hurricane. Can you

Fidget Spinners, Ect.

Fidgets Fidgit spinners. Teachers don’t like them. But in reality, this teacher doesn’t mind if the kids have something to do with their hands while they are learning.   There have been many fads of fidgets over the years. Stress balls, cubes, and blocks name a few. As a teacher, I have had a couple of

Equity and Education

     Equity is where all have access to achieve a common goal no matter the ability. In education, this means, for example, that students learn to accomplish a task but may use different strategies to get there. Equity Activity     I just spent two days at a training to help educators to fully
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