Color like a Kid – Adults Love to Color TOO!

As a kid, I loved to color. I would spend hours. I enjoyed any kind, from Fun Pads to themed books. I loved to use crayons, the more and different colors the better.

As a teacher, I often wish I had more time to give my students to color. They need the work on their fine motor skills. I find coloring is relaxing so I also like to have activities for my students to do that will enable them to relax.

Now as an adult – I have moved to the adult coloring books. I still like just about any kind of book. Now, however, I prefer to use colored pencils or markers, instead of crayons. The more challenging the book the better.

There are so many varieties of coloring books. I often have more difficulty choosing what  I want to color. I do know I prefer the ones that have pages I can tear out. I also prefer the ones which only have images on one side. Don’t you just hate having to color to the spine of the book? That is why I prefer to have my pages on a clipboard. I, also, don’t like to color on pages where the color has bled through on the other side.  Besides, if there is a picture on both sides, I will only color on one side. I will refuse to color on the back.

I do have a couple of books which have pictures on the back or do not have perforated pages. I got those because I like the pictures that are in them. I will color them, and tear the pages out, but the torn pages are nowhere as neat as a perforated page.

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The detail of the pattern and the thickness of the lines of the pages will also help me to determine if I am going to use pencils or markers. If the drawings are done with a thick line and large spaces between the lines, then I am more likely to use a marker. It just makes it easier to color them. If the lines are thinner, no matter the spacing between the lines, I am more likely to use a colored pencil. When I am looking for a picture to color, often my mood will play a part as well. Sometimes, I am just in the mood to use markers or in the mood to use pencils.

I really am not picky as to brands of markers. I just want a variety of colors, and the marker will make thin lines or thick lines from the same tip. I currently am using a 50 count packet of Crayola markers. I also have some Faber-Castell markers, which have 2 colors in one marker.

    Crayola Colored Pencils, 100 Count, Vibrant Colors, Pre-sharpened, Art Tools, Great for Adult Coloring
With colored pencils, I have to have LOTS of colors. I am using a mix of different brands, some of which are from a set I had as a kid. Most of my colored pencils are by Fine Touch, while there are a few Crayola, Berol, and other odds and end pieces are thrown in.

Adult coloring books come in such a wide variety of styles. There are Mandalas, Geoscapes, Creative Creations and many other brands. My favorite types of coloring books are those with Mandalas in them. I, especially, like the kaleidoscope patterning to them. For most of those patterns, I prefer to use markers. The more complicated the coloring book, the better. Anyone will be able to find a book that appeals to them. They range in price too. I have seen them as inexpensive as $5 a book to as much as $15-$20 for a popular movie or book theme.

Good hunting and finding one that you like and have fun, like a kid, relaxing the afternoon away, coloring to your heart’s content!


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