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Not just a teacher in school. I am one out of school as well. Two years ago my husband and I were looking for new cell phones. His phone had died and we needed them.

So I am debating whether or not to get the new iPhone that had come out or to get the Samsung Galaxy 6. I love playing with technology and can easily use an iPhone or an android. So I had to make a decision.

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My husband made a decision to go with what was close to what he had before. He doesn’t like to have to learn something new. I still have to think and decide. I toyed with getting an iPhone. Eric was going with the Samsung Galaxy 6. It wasn’t too different from what he had…

So my line of thinking went to what will be easiest for me to be able to help Eric with his new phone. I could do it with an iPhone, but to explain things to him it was going to be easier to go with the Samsung Galaxy also.

As a teacher, I enjoy helping students to learn and it is always easier if I have an example of what they are working on in front of me. It is no different with a phone. I have that example to help. For my husband, I can go through the steps on my phone as he follows along with his phone to get to where he needs to change the settings or whatever.

I am glad I am a techy person. It is hard sometimes to talk to someone who is very tech savvy. Sometimes they will explain how to do something on a computer that is so far above where the person is. It makes them feel like an idiot.

Those tech-savvy people sometimes have a hard time putting their directions in terms that can be understood. I guess it comes down to patience, I have that patience. I would rather break an explanation into simple terms and “baby step” someone through a process with technology. When they do it themselves and understand what they need to do then they will better be able to do it themselves the next time.

That is really why I chose to get the same phone as Eric. Now he can make the majority of changes he needs to his phone without needing me as much.

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