The Beginning of Wonder

Everyone is different. No one is perfect. It is sad to see people treated differently, just because of how they look. When I was a teenager, I was close friends with people who had physical disabilities, as well as friends with mental disabilities. In my eyes, they were, and still are, people. They have feelings. They think. They learn. They know. Why should I treat them any differently because they are not like me?

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Treating people like people has always been important to me. This is a part of the reason I want to read “Wonder” with my students. I want them to see that every person is just that — a person.

I have already begun sharing “365 Days of Precepts”, or rules to live by, with my students. I can’t wait to hear their thoughts about each character in “Wonder.” Each character offers a different perspective about Auggie.

The plan is to begin a “Choose Kindness” jar in the classroom. There is so much negativity and people putting others down that I want to share with my students how they can share the kindness with others and see it grow.

My ultimate goal is, with a series of blogs, to share how I taught each part and to share student reactions and work that we do with each character and section.

I, thoroughly, enjoyed this book and know my students will too. They will grow with knowledge and understanding of others.  To be continued…

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