Day 2 – WONDER

Today we read about Auggie’s tour of his new middle school, Beecher Prep. We also got to meet three more characters who are throughout the story: Julian, Jack Will, and Charlotte.

Auggie is very nervous when he first meets the kids. He wasn’t expecting to meet anyone other than the principal and maybe a couple of the teachers. He went to the school with his mom. His mom was just as nervous as he was, maybe even more so. He likes Mr. Tushman and Mrs. G – the secretary and was comfortable with them. He is very aware of how people perceive him when they first see him and he was worried about how the kids would respond to him.

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The three kids came in and introduced themselves to Auggie and then took him around the school, starting with the homeroom, a science room, the music room and down to the performance room. Julian comes off as a little rude because he wouldn’t let Auggie actually see into the classrooms. At the science room, Jack calls Julian a jerk and gets him to allow Auggie to walk into the room. Then they go on down to the other rooms. In the performance room, Jack tells Auggie that he is going to need to talk. So Auggie finally does and begins asking a few questions. He is coming out of his shell.

The three kids are a bit shy at first with Auggie like they are not sure how to act around him. However, they all know each other, so they very quickly begin chatting and talking with each other.  I am hoping by the end of “Wonder” my students are going to want to ready “Auggie and Me” by RC Palaco.  Julian and Charlotte are discussed in much more detail along with their thoughts and feelings in their interactions with Auggie. These two characters are ones who my students will continue to be interested in.

I can totally understand how Auggie feels about being a new student in school. It can be scary, even if you don’t look a little different like Auggie. You wonder if you will be able to make friends, if you will be accepted by your peers. I do like how the principal, Mr. Tushman, set it up so Auggie would meet a couple of the kids before school starts. He will know a couple people at least.

I know with my children it was helpful for them to be in marching band. They had to go to band camp as freshmen before school even started. Their transition into high school was so much better because they already knew people at the school when they started.

As I am sharing “Wonder” with my class I am also sharing some of the videos and other resources I have found on a Wonder Kindness Challenge on Facebook as well as a blog by Mr. W Reads My students are really enjoying what I have read so far and are enjoying learning more about Auggie and the characters mentioned.

We will be reading about Auggie’s first days of school next.


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