Day of Wonder 3

Another day of Wonder and we read about Auggie’s first day of school. He managed to make it through his classes, found a friend at lunch and made it home.

Being a new kid in school cannot be easy. Looking a little different would make it even harder.

Summer is currently one of my favorite characters. I can identify easily with her. She is a lot like me. I  am friends with people because of who they are, not how they look. I didn’t care what other people thought. If the person was friendly and had a personality I liked, then they were my friend. Too many people won’t be friends with someone because they see them as different.

People who have a noticeable disability only want to be treated like anyone else. They have thoughts and feelings. They have wants and needs. Sometimes all they really want it to be treated as an equal and with respect.

All Auggie wants is to be accepted and respected as a person, but all he sees is people staring, whispering, and avoiding him. It makes me sad.

One of the greatest lessons I hope my students learn is to accept people for who they are and their actions, rather than because they look or dress a certain way.

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