Spinning My Wheels

You know when I  was a kid in school, I started playing with computers. I started to learn to program using BASIC when I was in high school. When I began college the computer science program I was in had me programming in C. Due to a nice (or not so nice) lack of strength in calculus, I changed career majors.

Now after teaching for over 20 years, I went to a training provided by http://code.org. I was thrilled to find a fun way to teach my students – I was teaching second grade at the time. My students LOVED being able to go on “Code.”

I, of course, went through the whole curriculum myself, so I could help them if needed. In doing so I fell back in love with programming. I started looking for online sources I could use to learn to code or program. I found http://freecodecamp.org and have learned the basics of HTML, CSS (with some bootstrap), a bit of JQuery and a bit of Javascript. I also did some learning on www.codecademy.com.Being a teacher I am sticking with the free learning for now – since I also need to pay bills.

I am now spinning my wheels because I want to do more with programming. Time is an issue. I can learn via free programs, but I need the time to practice and develop on my own. I have built a couple simple websites for a friend. I would have to build more AND get paid, but then I try to figure out costs for freelancing, but when I look at sites like www.fivrr.com, the prices seem very low for what I would do, but then it is also hard for me to find the time I need to do what is in my mind to do.

I have also given thought to applying for semi-local, within driving distance, or remote programming jobs. Then I look at the requirements. So many of the jobs want you to have 3 to 5 years of experience or programming languages I haven’t had the time to learn yet.

Therefore, I sit and spin my wheels., trying to find the time to learn and practice to build experience, but also tied to continuing to work to survive. Then I don’t know which directions to go – freelance, job, practice, learn, etc.

At this point, all I will do is continue to learn, continue to teach, but yet never give up. Eventually, those wheels will quit spinning and will grab hold and go.

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