Month: November 2017

How to Use Google Classroom

Google Suite has several easy to use applications for the classroom. One of my favorites is Google Classroom. As a teacher, I can make announcements, assignments or even open a class discussion. As a teacher, I can easily differentiate my lessons with Classroom. I often set up my classes by grouping my students by ability. Basing

Thankful Turkeys

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there were several suggestions posted on Facebook that involved turkeys. One that appealed to me was one using Google Draw to create a turkey. Since I am teaching a class on Multimedia Essentials and the kids are learning to use a variety of multimedia platforms, it was a great holiday activity – What a Versatile Tool

Students love to compete. They are also a generation who are used to having the world right at their fingertips – literally. If it is on an electronic device, it is a game to them. They do not even realize they are learning when they are playing. When a concept needs to be reviewed and

Multimedia Essentials via CAPE (CIW)

Like students, teachers have favorite subjects too. When a teacher has a favorite subject, it shows. Teachers are more animated and excited about their topic. The students are more engaged as well because they want to see what their teacher is going to do or say next. My favorite subject, or class, is CAPE. CAPE
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