Multimedia Essentials via CAPE (CIW)

Like students, teachers have favorite subjects too. When a teacher has a favorite subject, it shows. Teachers are more animated and excited about their topic. The students are more engaged as well because they want to see what their teacher is going to do or say next.

My favorite subject, or class, is CAPE. CAPE stands for Computers and Professional Education. In this class, I am teaching my students how to create effective PowerPoints or Slides shows. They will be learning how to create backgrounds and themes. The students will also learn how to import images and graphs, as well as videos into the presentations.  This is an enrichment class available to fourth-grade students. 

Students will also be learning about photos and videos and using programs to edit those as well before importing them into presentations. By the end of the school year, students will be taking an exam based on this coursework. They will be earning Industrial Certification for Multimedia Essentials. Currently, we are focusing on learning with Google Slides, but the students will be able to transfer their knowledge into PowerPoint when they use that program.

A trick I have learned is to teach a concept in a short mini-lesson, then give the students a short project for them to demonstrate their understanding of the concept I just taught them. The students are loving being able to play with a variety of presentations and explore the different choices they have within the program. They even ask me if they are able to work on their projects at home!

The first project the students had to work on was one geared to giving them an opportunity to play with Google Slides and learn what they could do with it. They were to create a short presentation about their favorite animal. As the teacher, I can also go in and comment on their slides and see all of their presentations. They look forward to me seeing their projects and sharing my advice with them.

As the year goes on, they will learn more tricks to improve their presentations. They will create and add videos. They will learn to manipulate images and photos to add to their presentations.

Future projects will tie in with what they are learning in class. The students are always asking me what their next project is going to be about and what they will be doing.

Why is CAPE my favorite subject? Because I love using technology with my students. The fact they even get to use a tiny bit of the technology available wakes them up and keeps them interested.



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