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Students love to compete. They are also a generation who are used to having the world right at their fingertips – literally. If it is on an electronic device, it is a game to them. They do not even realize they are learning when they are playing.

When a concept needs to be reviewed and learned, quizizz.com is a great tool for teachers. It is free for teachers and students to use. Although there is a newer version of the Quizizz available, I am still using the original version. A teacher can create their own quiz or they can search and use one that another individual has created and made public. Quizzes you make can be public or private quizzes.

Even if you do not have a 1:1 (one computer or tablet per student), students could still complete the quiz and compete with their classmates. The questions are primarily multiple choice and students get immediate feedback with the use of memes, whether their answer is correct or not. Students can also earn points for how quickly they are able to determine the correct answer.

As a teacher, you can choose to set it up as homework, which is what I normally do. The teacher would give students a join code (6 digit number) or make an assignment through “Google Classroom.” A teacher can set whether or not the questions and answer choices are in order or jumbled. The original setup gives a teacher choices in meme sets, or the teacher can create their own. A teacher can even determine whether they want to show the rankings of the students or if the music should be playing. A time limit can be set for a variety of lengths or not at all.



When the students are finished with the quiz, the teacher is able to look at a reports page. The teacher can look at how students did individually, even downloading a spreadsheet to Excel if they want to record grades or look at each question to determine if a particular concept needs further instruction. 

As a teacher which settings I used depended on the class. Some students, although they are highly competitive, do not do as well emotionally if they find they are “losing” in the quiz. Often, for those students, the rankings would be turned off, so they would not see where they were in comparison to the rest of the class. Most students enjoy seeing how well they are doing. I also will change how long they have to answer a question dependent on the topic or difficulty of the question.

There are other quiz programs available. However, this is one of my favorite because of its flexibility. It gives me, the teacher, the ability to have students complete the quiz individually or as a whole class. It is able to be used with a class that has 1:1 (one computer or tablet per student) or in a class that has a handful of computers. Give quizizz.com a try.

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