Thankful Turkeys

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, there were several suggestions posted on Facebook that involved turkeys. One that appealed to me was one using Google Draw to create a turkey. Since I am teaching a class on Multimedia Essentials and the kids are learning to use a variety of multimedia platforms, it was a great holiday activity to have my students do to explore and learn more about Google Draw, plus practice the lessons they have already learned about creating presentations.

The group of students I chose to do this with is my group we call CAPE (Computers and Professional Education).  This group of fourth graders is learning about Multimedia Essentials (see an earlier post ). I decided to have them create their own turkey using Google Draw.  To increase the rigor and give my students more opportunities to practice what they have learned, they also had to label each feather with something they are thankful for. Then they are to go into a Google Slides presentation and create a slide for each item they are thankful for and explain why they are thankful for it.



When my students first arrived, I explained to them what they were going to be doing. They needed to begin by inserting shapes and creating their turkey. Boy, were they excited when they learned they could change the colors in the shapes.

Of course, we had to talk about how to change the sizes of the shapes and which arrows to look for to be able to change them in the way they needed them to change or to move. We also discussed how to move shapes to the front or to the back to create the layered effect they were looking for. We also discussed text boxes and how to change the shape of those boxes. My students enjoyed learning how to turn their shapes to point in the directions they wanted them to be placed.

These students thoroughly enjoyed this project to the point of asking me if they could work on this at home over their Thanksgiving break!    It is neat to see how different each turkey is coming out and how individual they all are. They really show the individuality of my students.

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