How to Use Google Classroom

Google Suite has several easy to use applications for the classroom. One of my favorites is Google Classroom. As a teacher, I can make announcements, assignments or even open a class discussion.

As a teacher, I can easily differentiate my lessons with Classroom. I often set up my classes by grouping my students by ability. Basing the groups on a variety of evaluations, such as reading assessments, grades, or even personalities, I divide the students into 4 or 5 groups. I can then make assignments based on what I need them to do, at their particular abilities.

What folders, or classes, look like in Classroom

It is a simple task to assign and move students between classes. My county has worked with Google and students have an email account. With this email account, they are only able to email or receive an email from others with the same address. To begin with, I create a contact list in Google Contacts, adding each student I am placing in a class. Once I have done this I can invite each student to the class, either via their email or with a class code. In my school district, every student has a Single Sign-On which will allow them to access classroom without needing the class code or their email, as long as I have added them to a class. The students will see a join option when they log into Classroom.


How to remove a student

To remove a student from a class I will go to my list of students, check beside their name. Then under Actions, I can choose to remove that student or group of students. I can then add them to a different class.



How to choose and make assignments

Adding announcements or assignments is then a piece of cake. There is a  + symbol in the lower right corner of your screen. You are given several choices. Two of which are announcements and assignments. A third choice is more for a live (every student is logged in) activity and you can ask a question to be answered. I will use Announcements when I want my class to view a specific file, or video, or complete an activity on a website (such as Socrative). I would often put my morning work in Classroom as an Announcement.


You can also set up an assignment. I always used this when I wanted each student to complete a Slideshow, Google Document, or Google Draw activity. I could assign it in a way that each class can work on the assignment collaboratively or it could be assigned to be completed individually. Students would then complete the assignment and could turn it in. I could then view it, grade, comment and return it as needed.

There are so many things that can be done with Classroom. For me, it makes my life much simpler. I do not have to worry about helping students find a particular view or website I need them to view. The one they need is available right in Classroom. Creating and checking assignments is easier and easily differentiated. Once you start using Classroom, you will never want to stop.

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