Lessons to Learn From Tatty Teddy

Tatty Teddy was created by Carte Blanche Greetings in 1987, according to Wikipedia. The story of Tatty Teddy has been around for many years. The story has to do with a little brown teddy bear being left behind when his family leaves the house and the house is going to be torn down. He somehow gets left with the things that are left behind. He is stuck under a pile of the trash. This poor little bear can’t get away. The weather becomes cold and it begins to snow. A little snowflake lands on this little bear’s nose. The snowflake is so cold it turns the little bear’s nose blue. As the weather stays cold, his fur begins to turn gray. Sometime later, a little girl is playing nearby and finds him. She struggles and pulls him out of that pile of trash. She decides to take him home to her grandma. She knows her grandma can fix him. He has a hole or two and needs repairs. Although Tatty was afraid he wasn’t wanted, he soon learns the little girl loves him and isn’t going to give him up.

As a teacher, Tatty gives me several lessons. Some apply to me and others are for my students to learn. One of the biggest lessons is never giving up and empathy. As a second-grade teacher, I would decorate my classroom with teddy bears. I shared the story of Tatty Teddy with my students. I was able to reach students to show them that even though they thought they were no good at something if they never gave up – giving themselves that chance. They could learn and accomplish much. They learned that when they treated someone, or something, with kindness and care, it would then blossom into something beautiful.

As a teacher, the Tatty Teddy story is encouraging. Although the bear was left behind and neglected, the love and care of one individual helped him to grow into what he is today. Every child deserves to be given a little understanding, a little care, and empathy. As a teacher, part of teaching always involves picking up those struggling children and giving them the boost they need to be all they can be. Sometimes a loved teacher is one of the only ones to encourage a child.

Tatty Teddy is like a child. He was hopes and dreams and is always willing to love and wants to be loved. What makes him special is he never gives up hope. He will encourage students to do the same and to love and never give up.

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