Nerdy Geek or Geeky Nerd

      Either title works for me. I love technology and I love bringing it to my students. I call myself a “Nerdy geek” or a “Geeky nerd” because I enjoy techie stuff. I will use it with my students on a regular basis. I am not afraid to try anything new with technology.

That Faithful Friend

About one month ago, our wonderful, faithful, furry friend crossed the rainbow bridge. Buttercup was a member of the family. She was a furbaby – much more than just any old dog. She would have been 12 on August 1. Buttercup was a golden retriever. She was named by my daughter, who was 6 at

Lightbulb Moments

I am sitting in my classroom at a U-shaped table with a group of students. They have paper and pencil, or whiteboard and Expos in front of them. Looks of frustration and consternation on their faces. They are working hard.   They get the problem wrong and those faces become even more frustrated. I explain

Barnes and Noble – Customer Service

I know this is an odd title for a book review section post. However, when customer service of a favorite bookstore is so great, you would be willing to buy from them forever! Good customer service teaches me to be a faithful customer. I bought my first Nook e-reader several years ago. It was one

About me

What?! Teaching and exciting kids? What a better way to keep kids involved in their own learning! Kids love learning, and teachers enjoy teaching.  Nerdy! Geeky! That’s me!! Charlotte Norford, a fourth-grade inclusion teacher. I am happily married with 2 grown children, who are still at home. My husband is a minister and my children
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